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Don’t Let The Bed Bugs Bite: Prevention Tips for Traveling

If you have never suffered under the harsh wrath of bedbugs at night, then thank your creator. Bed bugs are every person’s nightmare. Once they are in your home, then ridding your home off those little bugs can be daunting. And after decades of disappearance, bedbugs have come back to our lives and can be found most especially in department stores, offices, hotels; they are everywhere.We asked bed bug control markham professionals for some answers.

Most affected are travelers who have to share space with strangers; when these pesky critters bite they induce red welts, itch and anxiety. Sleeping becomes impossible if they are around. But luckily several precautionary measures have been put in place to prevent bedbugs when traveling.

Pre-packing tips for your trip

Make sure that the suitcase you choose is hard-shelled because such suitcases tend to have fewer seams and folds where bedbugs love to hide. Pack everything in plastic bags that are sealable and make sure that the only time you open these plastic bags is when you want to access an item (then close immediately).

Prior to unpacking tip

Most travelers make a mistake of throwing their suitcase on their beds or keep them on the floors (zipped up). Instead of doing this, make sure that your suitcase/bag is on the luggage rack or inĀ  the bathroom becauseĀ  there are less crannies and nooks.

How you should inspect the room

Folds, cracks, ruffles and crevices; these are the places bedbugs love to hide and so, the instance you walk into your room make sure that you have inspected the pillows and linens, and you can use a torch. Check the mattress sides and seams, bed frame and box spring then at the headboards back. If you find no signs of bed bugs, do not stop just yet. Check your night stand either under or around and also in the upholstered furniture pleats not to forget the drapes. These bloodsuckers also reside at the back of paintings, mirrors or any other wall hanging.

What to do when you come across them

The moment you set your eyes on one bedbug know that there are hundreds more and so, the first and most crucial action to take is call front desk. Ask to have the manager of the hotel (or any other supervisor) so that they would inspect the room further. But make sure that you do not sleep in that room that night and inspect the other room too before you settle in.

How to avoid bedbugs hitchhiking with you back home

Once you are set to head back home, it is extremely easy to have some bedbugs hitchhike a trip with you back to your home (and that is a nightmare you do not want). And so, take the below measures just for extra surety:

Make sure that all your clothes have been washed properly in hot water.

If the area you reside in is cold, then make sure that you leave the stuff you had traveled with outside for a week or so.

Once you arrive at home, unpack your belongings outside on hard floor so that, in case you carried them with you unknowingly, you will be able to see them walk away.

Make sure that you have taken an amiable hot shower before going to your own bed.

Do not forget to wash your bags/suitcases well.

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