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Best Hostels in Toronto

If you are in Toronto and looking for a hostel, there are one hundred and more cheap and affordable hostels you can find. The hostels are comfortable, convenient and, they are largely recognized by people who live there. In North America, Hostels in Toronto are well known for their quality. Many tourists who visits Canada like spending their time and relax in Toronto Hostels. The hostels rank among the best in the whole of Canada, and most people from all parts of the world who visits Canada knows about them.

Toronto hostels are also welcoming point of entry to tourists. Here are the top best Hostels in Toronto:

Canadiana Backpackers Inn

The hostel is located in the heart of Toronto’s club district. It has six Victorian homes with wooden decor, aboriginal art, and the rooms are named after Canadian idols like Celine Dion. It is comfortable and offers Canadian environment. It is cottage like and has wooden tables and supremely comfortable coaches. If you like browsing the internet, there is WiFi on long, and it is a high speed. There are also other computer services as well as printing services at an affordable price. Canadiana Inn staffs are well trained, friendly, accommodating and energetic. They have experience in hotel management and they will simply provide you with the best service you have ever received. There is also a theatre with twenty vintage seats and a large projection screen. The food is also remarkable, breakfast, lunch and dinner are all distinct, and you take them from a dining table in the kitchen.

Hostelling International

The hostel has pleasant views and a lot of sunlight. It is best known as Church street hostel, with just $29 you can get yourself a deluxe single room with a private bathroom. There are also rooms which can accommodate up to ten people, but they are also affordable. The hostel has a lounge with computers, couches, pool table and colorful artworks. From the hostel, you can view Anglican Diocese of Toronto archives structure and the surrounding area.

There is a large kitchen with shared food section and guests can leave whatever they do not want to take for anyone else. Also, there is a lounge area with a TV room and one can enjoy watching favorite channels or movies. Downstairs, there is a restaurant area where guests can take breakfast and dinner at a reasonable price.

The hostel is safe and secure, your belongings will be safe, and there are hardly theft cases. There are surveillance cameras in all entry and exit points, and this highly make the hostel safe.

Global Village Backpackers

It is located at bustling corner of Spadina and King West. The lounge is exciting and sometimes invite live music bands to entertain guest at night. It is the most convenient hostel in Toronto because of it is the location. When you are ten steps outside the lounge door, you can use a street car to go anywhere. It outwardly look like Hostelling International but has plenty of spots to lounge inside.


Hostels in Toronto varies in price, before visiting Canada, always do research in advance about Toronto Hostels so that you can enjoy your stay.

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